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While his accomplishments are most impressive, when asked what he was proudest of, his response was always the same. His pride and joy in life were his loving, devoted wife, Karen, and an energetic, talented, young daughter, Karina. Karen and Karina Erickson kept his heart young and his face smiling.

Karina is, without a doubt, her father's daughter. She became a PADI divemaster at 18 years old, and a PADI Instructor at 22. She has forged her own career in politics and scuba diving. There is no doubt, Ralph would be proud. Karina serves as the communications director of the Ralph Erickson Educational Foundation. 


Karen and Ralph co-taught both recreational and professional scuba classes their entire marriage. Karen continues to teach scuba and Instructor courses in the Texas area and remains heavily involved in the dive industry. Karen serves as the Vice President of the Ralph Erickson Educational Foundation.

While Karen was teaching an IDC, Ralph and Karina were headed to the beach. Karina was not happy that Ralph was on Dad duty and that mom was teaching that day. So, in true form, Karina kept finding things that she needed to take with them to the beach, loading Ralph down with everything in her suitcase. Always the daddy's girl, Ralph was wrapped around her little finger! 


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